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Liberals and the workhouse

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Liberals and the workhouse


Joseph Hamburger, James Mill and the Art of Revolution (New Haven, CT: Yale UP, 1963) esp Chs 3 and 4

1832 General election (from Wikipedia)

Voting summary

Whig 67.01%
Tory 29.15%
Irish Repeal 3.84%

Seats summary

Whig 67.02%
Tory 26.6%
Irish Repeal 6.38%

Poor Law Amendment Act 1834

AWB Simpson, ‘Priestley v Fowler [1837]: a case of first impression’ in id. Leading Cases in the Common Law (Oxford: Clarendon, 1995)


‘Clegg-mania’ draws on anger at UK political class’ Financial Times 20 April 2010 (among many)

‘Government sets out proposals to reform employment tribunals’ Guardian 27 Jan 2011
“… Earlier today, the business secretary, Vince Cable, said the current system served as a ‘major impediment’ to small businesses hiring people.”

R (UNISON) v Lord Chancellor [2017] UKSC 51

Mike Macnair ‘Rhetoric and political realities’ Weekly Worker 3 Aug 2017

Solomon Hughes ‘The Lib Dems’ Attack on Workers’ Tribune 3 Dec 2019


‘Brighton rot: Refuse collectors’ strike causes stink in Britain’s greenest city’ Independent 21 June 2013

Philip Olterman, ‘Stand up to China and Putin? Foreign policy at heart of Germany vote’ Guardian 2 May 2021