The European Parliamentary elections

Elections will be held on 4 June for Britain's members of the European Parliament. The European Parliament is a largely powerless institution: it can't form a government, or hold the European Commission to account effectively, or influence whether the Lisbon Treaty (EU Constitution) gets adopted, or set general EU policy, or control the European Central Bank. The European Parliament doesn't matter very much. But the election does. As the global economic crisis deepens, the Establishment parties are seeking a mandate for their system. The extreme right is playing on the crisis to rustle up support for its own fake solutions. Under these circumstances, the Communist Corresponding Society advises its supporters to turn out and cast an unambiguous vote against the capitalist system, against fascism, and for a socialist future. The only way to do that, at this election, is by voting Socialist Labour.

The Socialist Labour Party was established on 1 May 1996 on the initiative of the former mineworkers' president, Arthur Scargill. It has a solid record of opposing privatization and imperialist war, and it is the only party that will be standing throughout Britain on an unequivocally socialist manifesto. All socialists and communists should be glad to give it their votes.

Some people on the left are supporting the No2EU electoral alliance launched by the Rail, Maritime, and Transport Workers' Union. We respect many of the individuals and organizations involved in No2EU, including the RMT itself; something as trivial as the European Parliament shouldn't come between us. But we cannot agree that a single-issue anti-EU campaign is adequate in the current political situation. The economic crisis, the war in Afghanistan, and other desperate problems are not the fault of the European Union—they're the fault of capitalism and imperialism. We need a positive campaign for a socialist alternative; and Socialist Labour's courageous and timely decision to stand a full slate of candidates makes that possible.

The Communist Corresponding Society doesn't necessarily agree with the Socialist Labour Party about everything. Debate and discussion about the way forward will continue long after this year's elections. But we definitely agree about the main point: that capitalism is the problem, and socialism is the solution. A strong Socialist Labour vote will send a message that cannot be misunderstood or ignored. We will therefore be working to get out the maximum possible vote for the Socialist Labour candidates on 4 June.


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