Published: April 2016

The E.U. referendum

Maggie Maggie Maggie...

The Left and the trade union movement—the proletariat, organized—have always fought passionately for democracy: workplace democracy, economic democracy, political democracy. As the majority class, democracy is in our interest.

And this isn’t the first time that the popular movement has been correct to cry “Out! Out! Out!” when commenting on the issue of the day.

We (or our predecessors) fought against Thatcher because she ruled in the interests of a minority class of business-owners.

We fight to get out of the E.U. for the same reason: it operates in the interests of the capitalist class, and is not amenable to democratic control by the people as a whole.

We cannot expect to make progressive changes to the E.U. from within, any more than we could have opposed Thatcher by joining the Conservative party.

By leaving the E.U., we can bring control of law and of the economy closer to the hands of the proletariat.

Let us not place the levers of power too far from us. Let us not be fettered by bodies that we do not elect. Let us take this opportunity to democratize society.

Vote LEAVE on Thursday 23rd June


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