Published: April 2015

The 2015 general election

This year’s general election in the UK is not about choosing a government, nor even an opposition. We have no horse in either of those races. Any of the plausible results will lead to an unopposed continuation of capitalism as it currently is, with its ‘austerity’ and its ever-increasing interpenetration of state and private capital.

Under such circumstances, we cannot choose a ‘better’ government or an ‘effective’ opposition. What we can do—those of us who want to abolish capitalism, build socialism and communism, forge a new society beyond the state, class rule, and exploitation—is encourage others.

By voting in a way that will be clearly understood as expressing a fundamental opposition to capitalism, we can send a message to others who oppose capitalism but lack confidence in saying so: that they are in fact not alone.

In most constituencies, no candidate opposed to capitalism will be standing. A minority of constituencies, however, do have one or more such candidates on the ballot paper. The Communist Corresponding Society urges people to campaign and vote for the organization that advocates socialism the most clearly and explicitly; or, if there is no socialist candidate, to spoil their ballots.


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